What Is The Best Cellulite Exercise?

Finding the best cellulite exercise to look your best is really difficult. There are several initial steps you need to take before even deciding on an exercise to rid cellulite. The first thing you need to do is understand how the condition works. In order to rid yourself of the problem you will need to do more than just some cellulite exercise you find in a book.

How Cellulite Forms And Why Cellulite Exercise Can Help

Cellulite is caused primarily by genetic and hormonal conditions. Estrogen appears to have a strong effect on the amount of cellulite that builds up. There is not much that you can do medically speaking if you are predisposition to have this condition. While cellulite exercise can help to control it, it will never completely get rid of it.

Another major factor in the formation of cellulite is your diet. Foods that are high in fat will cause a heavy build up of cellulite. As you gain weight the after effects of the formation of cellulite will be obvious. While controlling your diet can help to limit these conditions, you need some kind of cellulite exercise to be truly effective. Only by combining a change in diet with exercise can you hope to overcome the conditions of cellulite.

Once you have adjusted your diet you are now ready to start on an exercise program. It is highly recommended that you choose a program that will target your legs and be very cardio intensive. There are two type of exercise that I would highly recommend. The first is swimming. Swimming is a very effective exercise that targets your leg muscles while working your entire body. In addition it is very low impact so the long term wear and tear on your body is minimal. The only real difficulty with this exercise is that you probably need to join a gym to do it, and it can tough to drive to the gym on a regular basis.

The other exercise I highly recommend is using an elliptical. An elliptical is a great way to get a full body workout and it too will target those important leg muscles. An elliptical has one of the best calories per minute exercises you can find anywhere. In addition you can work out in your home so you do not have to purchase and expensive gym membership then drive to and from all the time.

These are a couple options for you to remove cellulite. The key is to exercise and change your diet so that you can most effectively remove the unwanted cellulite.



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