The Myths Behind Cellulite Removal Cream

Cellulite is a major issue for many women. Cellulite does not discriminate: it can happen to young and old, thin and thick, smokers and non smokers. Every woman has a chance to get cellulite. Some women manage to avoid it until after they have had children. After having children, the woman is coping with her new body, including things like weight gain, stretch marks, and cellulite. While losing weight may take time, and stretch marks will only fade over time, some women decide to focus on cellulite as the easiest problem to fix. And so they go out to the pharmacy, searching for the best cellulite removal cream available.

But they are sorely disappointed. Cellulite removal cream does not exist, as no topical treatment has been proven to remove cellulite. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite fat has the same biochemical makeup as other fat in the body. Since fat cells do not disappear and only shrink in size, no cellulite removal cream will be able to remove the fat cells that cause cellulite. At best a cream that claims to be a cellulite removal cream will only superficially treat the cellulite for a limited time.

What To Do About Cellulite

While the media wishes to portray cellulite in an extremely negative light and there are ads everywhere advertising cellulite removal cream, the fact is, cellulite is the norm. More women than not have cellulite and it is most likely caused by genes and heredity, not environmental issues. Even though cellulite removal creams are everywhere, they can only reduce cellulite. Even the reduction of cellulite has not been scientifically proven, and other factors such as a healthier diet and increased exercise might be a more beneficial cellulite treatment than using a cellulite removal cream.

In fact, some cellulite removal creams may actually do more harm than good. A cellulite removal cream that reduces fluid retention in order to tighten skin could actually make the cellulite worse. The most popular cellulite removal cream is made with caffeine, which reduces fluid retention and moisture in the skin. You may spend a great deal of money on a cellulite removal cream only to find that not only does it not work, but it also makes the cellulite worse and removes the moisture from your skin.

So where do you go from here? The first thing that must change is the media. In order for women to have a positive body image, the media must stop promoting the perfectly airbrushed size double zero model without a single dimple on her entire body. This image is simply unrealistic for most women. Instead of advertising a cellulite removal cream, magazines should stick to advertisements about creating a healthy lifestyle with healthier lifestyle choices such as increased exercising and a balanced diet. There is no one perfect body for everyone, and cellulite is usually the norm on the average woman.


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