Massage: Natural Cellulite Cure?

Cellulite is a condition wherein the skin takes on the appearance of having bumps and lumps. These lumpy and bumpy occurrences more often than not appear in women compared to men. The search for a natural cellulite cure is actually one of the most enduring of all skin quests. Many people and doctors believe that a natural cellulite cure has already been developed in the form of the many different pills and lotions that studies have often seen to have an effect on the condition.

Cellulite often appears on the fattier areas of the body such as the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Other areas may be affected by this condition such as the calves and upper arms, although these are not as often as the other areas mentioned earlier.


Massage is one kind of natural cellulite cure that has been around for centuries. The massage is actually a supplement to some of the other natural remedies for cellulite that has been developed recently. Massage is a necessary part of regaining the firmness, suppleness and form of the person's skin. It acts as a natural cellulite cure by slowly but surely helping to disperse the fatty deposits that cause the bumpy appearance on some parts of the body.

For this natural cellulite cure to have an effect, it needs to be done about two to four times a week on the affected areas. This frequent massage need not be deep tissue massage but at least have a profound effect on the deposits in the areas that have cellulite. As mentioned earlier, the massage acts as a supplement for other natural cellulite cures. These other cellulite cures can be as common as caffeine. Caffeine is supposed to be rubbed onto the offending area of the body at east twice a day for it to have an effect. The reason for this is that caffeine is a strong element that can actually awaken out body and keep it running for some time. The same goes for the fatty deposits or cellulite deposits on the affected areas.

The most effective way that coffee is used as a natural cellulite cure is to take coffee grounds and then rub them on the cellulite laden part of the body. The massage then commences and should last about just a few minutes. You have the option to wrap the parts of your body with plastic wrap. Rinse off after about ten minutes. Make sure that the coffee grounds are warm when applying them on the affected areas.




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