What Is The World's Best Cellulite Product?

Education is the best cellulite product you will ever come across. Whenever anything strange or out of the ordinary happens to our bodies, we very logically assume that something is wrong. But in the case of cellulite – just like with pimples or wrinkles – nothing is wrong with your body (except if that area suddenly hurts). Don’t fall for the latest cellulite firming cream that costs more than both of your cellulite-covered legs. Educate yourself about cellulite, instead.

What About Surgery?

Technically, surgery is the best cellulite product if you want a quick fix. If you are in a career like modeling where cellulite can lead you the unemployment line, then you should talk to your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for surgery. However, no surgery is to be taken for granted. It's always a serious procedure.

But even this best cellulite product is only a quick fix and, despite the cost and the pain, will not guarantee that you will cellulite-free for the rest of your life. Cellulite is a kind of fat deposit that people normally grow, but women get it more than men. If you are a man and have a lot of cellulite, you could have a hormonal imbalance. You should see your doctor.

Don’t You Feel Better Already?

With education, the best cellulite product becomes your attitude towards your own body. Cellulite has only become unfashionable in the last century. It was never mentioned as a problem in historical literature. A long time ago, women with cellulite and fat was considered highly desirable, because it showed the men that plump women had access to large food supplies.

Those self-touted "best cellulite products" on the market basically act to disguise your cellulite – not get rid of it. It works kind of like anti-wrinkle creams. They try to make your skin appear more level and smooth. Some will darken your skin, because it is harder to see cellulite on dark skin than on very light skin.

For me, the best cellulite product is called Photoshop or Windows Paint. In these awe inspiring computer software programs, you can touch up your photos to make that cellulite or anything else you don’t like yourself magically disappear. This is actually what many professional advertisers and magazine photographers do – they scan their photos into these programs and churn out the silk-smooth models and actresses we strive to be. But even they have cellulite.


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