Overall Cellulite Product Review

Cellulite has been a problem for women for years. For most women, use of a cellulite treatment cream seems to be the most favored approach. Within the last few years there has been an abundance of cellulite product. Review sites for these usually promote about four different creams. But is that the only way to rid yourself of cellulite?

What is Cellulite?

Before beginning any type of cellulite product review, you should understand what cellulite actually is. Cellulite is basically fat cells trapped by fibers forming a network below the skin. The body routinely cleanses these cells with fluids; this normal cleansing can be retarded by poor circulation. The result is that waste material builds up, which then thicken and harden into immovable fatty pockets. This buildup of cellulite is marked by heaviness or tightness in the legs or a dimpling effect. With any cellulite product review, it should be noted how the product will break down these fat pockets.

Various Cellulite Products

With so many cellulite treatments coming onto the market, it becomes hard to identify the best cellulite product. Review of the various treatments should include both natural and manmade products. There are creams, garments, natural herbs, and exercise methods all with the ability to reduce either the appearance of cellulite or the cellulite itself. While many claim to be a quick fix cellulite product, review of some reveal nothing more than a simple skin conditioner with no anti-cellulite benefits.

Natural and Manmade Products

For this cellulite product review we need to look at the broad range of both natural and manmade items. Natural products can take the form of herbs, oils and seed extracts. Such items as Gotu kola, Aescin (a component of horsechestnut), Ginkgo bilobais, Kelp, and yes even caffeine are all examples of a cellulite product. Review of these provides information on which can be used in combination and what they can do. Simple aids such as daily walking and dietary intake can be used as well.

Some manmade treatments are simply an offshoot of a natural cellulite product. Review of these show that most likely the cream or lotion you find has a natural component to it such as cayenne pepper or a mix of herbal supliments. There are a few creams out there which could be considered the modern version of “snake oil remedies” in which they claim the effectiveness of a cellulite product; review of these will show only a skin enhancing formula and not much more. Another item in our cellulite product review is that of hosiery and shoes. These products, such as Solidea hosiery, claim to help reduce cellulite simply by wearing them and walking each day.

While there are many products on the market, and more on the way, it is up to you to decide what you are ultimately looking for in a cellulite product. Review of the many natural and other types of products can give you a good general idea.






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