Using A Home Cellulite Treatment

Many women do not have the money to spend on an expensive cellulite remedy such as a cream or a spa treatment. Even less women can afford the expensive, and more effective, cosmetic procedures to remove their cellulite. If you can not afford any of these treatments but wish to remove or reduce the appearance of your cellulite, do not dismay. There is a home cellulite treatment out there that just might work on your cellulite!

Various Home Cellulite Treatments

Just like there are countless cellulite products at every pharmacy or department store, there are also countless at home cellulite treatments available. The only way to find a home cellulite treatment that works for you is to try out several and record and evaluate the progress.

Simple Home Cellulite Treatments

Although companies will claim that their cream or treatment is the only cellulite remedy that will help, there are some very simple cellulite reduction treatments that you can do in the comfort of your own home. First, detoxing your body is a simple home cellulite treatment that will help reduce cellulite. Stay away from nicotine and caffeine, as well as excessively fatty and salty foods. Look for natural diuretics, such as onions, that will naturally release the water buildup in the skin cells that can make cellulite look worse.

Second, work on losing weight. Cellulite is much more noticeable in heavier people than in thinner, healthier people. Also work on toning the buttocks and thighs, which are places prone to cellulite. If the skin and muscles beneath the skin are taut, then cellulite will have no way to form.

Third, try to increase the circulation to your trouble areas on the thighs, buttocks, or stomach. Make sure to do daily massages. You can do these massages with just your hands or with a soft bristled brush while in a warm or hot shower. Aromatherapy can also help stimulate circulation; use scents such as sage, citrus, and juniper oil to help reduce cellulite. Increasing circulation is a simple home cellulite treatment.

Fourth and finally, if you are not seeing the results you desire from any home cellulite treatment, you can mimic the treatments done in professional salons. Doing a home body wrap is not difficult. First use warm ground coffee (fully caffeinated), spreading it on your trouble areas. Second, wrap the areas with moist seaweed (you can usually find this at a health food store). Third, cover the seaweed with plastic wrap. Keep this on your troubled areas for about a half an hour, then remove and massage while rinsing off in the shower. This is a home cellulite treatment that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and it will possibly reduce your cellulite in the process.



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