Using Cellulite Cream

There is one common factor amongst every woman who has cellulite: she does not want to have it! Cellulite is a skin problem that is a dimpling appearance of the skin on the thighs, buttocks, and lower stomach area of women. Men do not get cellulite as often as women because women have a different fat cell structure than men do. Because cellulite is so common among women, there are thousands of different cellulite creams available. In order to find the right cellulite cream, it is important to understand exactly how the cream claims to repair cellulite skin.

What Cream Works

The only cellulite cream that will have any positive effects on your dimpled skin is a cream that works to restore and repair the fat cell structure in the skin. Some anti cellulite cream only offer moisturizing, which will do nothing to repair the reason behind your cellulite. Dermatologists say that the only real cellulite cream that will work is a cream that has a group of biochemicals in it called methyxanthines. These special chemicals work to enhance the body’s ability to breakdown the stored fat that causes cellulite. Supporting this healthy fat breakdown is the key to removing cellulite. Just moisturizing the affected area is like putting a board on top of a hole. Even though you can not see the hole, it is still there. If the board breaks, the hole reappears. Likewise, a cellulite cream that only works to thicken the top layer of skin is simply putting a board over the cellulite. That metaphorical board will eventually break, and you will be left with the same cellulite that you had before.

Cellulite cream works best when combined with a nutritious diet and exercise. Cellulite is exacerbated by unhealthily large fat cells beneath the skin, so reducing the size of those fat cells can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Any cellulite cream that you use should be used in conjunction with healthy exercise and diet.

Beyond Cellulite Cream

If cellulite cream does not work for you, cosmetic surgery may be a viable option. However, since cosmetic surgery always carries some sort of risk, this is not usually the best solution. Try several different cellulite creams, and make sure to use them consistently for the amount of time directed in order to see optimal results. Do not get discouraged if your cellulite cream does not appear to be working in just a few days; reducing and removing cellulite takes time! If it does not seem to be diminishing at all within a few months, try another cellulite cream. If you have been struggling for many years and have tried all cellulite creams available, then perhaps cosmetic surgery is the only option for you to remove your cellulite.


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