Expensive Cellulite Products Don’t Work

We have been raised to believe that cellulite is ugly. No matter how often we hear from medical experts that it's often healthy to have a little bit of cellulite rather than none at all, we still find it ugly and turn to pray to the latest cellulite product to remove the cellulite curse from our midst. But, unfortunately, no known cellulite product will not only get rid of it, but makes sure it never comes back.


You certainly can do things to help lessen or prevent cellulite from completely taking control of your thighs. By using sensible protection from the sun, exercising regularly and eating a sensible diet can certainly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Darker colored skin also hides cellulite better than light skin. Some cellulite products just darken your skin.

Although cellulite is an accumulation of fat deposits, you can be underweight and still have cellulite. Many people at their optimal weight have cellulite. It's completely normal for a woman to have cellulite. If you have a lot of cellulite and are a man, then you should go to the doctor. Men usually get some cellulite, but not as much as women.


Perhaps the best cellulite product currently in existence (besides ignoring it) is to massage with lotions, creams or oils. It really doesn't matter what lotion cream or oil you use, but it has to be one that you personally like. Just a simple self-massage, maybe even right after your shower, will not only assist your natural drainage system, but it feels good.

When you massage with or without any cellulite product, you want to do it for at least five minutes. Start at the lowest point of the cellulite area and work up to your heart. This is supposed to help your lymphatic system, which helps drain any toxins from your body – and sometimes excess fat.

Put on lotion, oil or (if you insist) an anti cellulite product. Do long, sweeping strokes up to your heart. You can use your knuckles, fingertips or the palm – whichever works best for you. Some like to use a smooth round stone or even a rolling pin if their hands hurt. You can then switch to circular motions and then pretend your cellulite area is bread dough and knead it, at first gently and then as hard as you can stand it. Do gentle pinching, too. End with the same stroke as you began with.


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