What Is The Best Cellulite Cream Available

Many women experience the unattractive dimpling called cellulite. It can be found on arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and almost any other place on our bodies. Thin people and large people alike can get cellulite, as it comes both genetically and from being overweight. Take for example the recent fuss over pictures of a famous twenty-something celebrity with the cottage cheese looking legs of someone twice her age. No one is immune from cellulite.

The only difference between those who do not have visible cellulite and those who do is that the former group has found the best cellulite cream available. These people have been able to harness the power of the best cellulite cream and use it to reduce and remove the appearance of cellulite on their body.

The Debate About The Best Cellulite Cream

As with most products, a simple search can bring up thousands of ratings on cellulite cream and what product people believe is the best cellulite cream out there. Like many “look good” products (such as diet pills, stretch mark reducing creams, etc.), there are also people who say that the best anti cellulite cream does not exist because no creams have been scientifically proven to remove and treat cellulite.

However, despite the fact that doctors and scientists say that the best cellulite cream does not exist, there are still thousands of consumers who claim that it does. It may be that the best cellulite cream works in other ways to even out skin instead of actually removing cellulite, but regardless of how it works, there are women who use it and experience amazing results on their cellulite.

The most effective and the best cellulite cream include at least one of the following ingredients: caffeine, retinol, and DMAE. Caffeine works to increase blood flow and remove moisture from the skin. Removing the moisture firms the skin, but only temporarily. Retinol works beneath the skin to exfoliate it and enhance collagen production, which pushes the cellulite dent out. DMAE supposedly stimulates the muscle beneath the skin to contract and therefore make for a firmer surface.

However, if the best cellulite cream is to work, it must be combined with a healthy diet and healthy weight loss. In addition, do not be surprised if even the best cellulite cream available does not work. Many women mistake the natural contours and unique characteristics of their skin as cellulite. No cream, even if it is the best cellulite cream available, will remove these natural aspects of a woman’s skin.


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